Friday, 27 February 2009

I watched Slumdog Millionaire the other day,
a movie that i never know before the Academy Award.
Since everyone was talking about it,i decided to watch.
After all,
Slumdog Millionaire was nominated for
10 Academy Awards and won eight.

It was a great movie.

Jamal,a young man from the slums of Mumbai who appears on the Indian version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?Jamal has made it to the final question, scheduled for the next day, but the police are now accusing him of cheating, because the other possibilities, that he has a vast knowledge, or that he is very lucky, both seem unlikely.Jamal knew the answers of most questions by chance, because of things that happened in his life.
And the main reason he actually join the games show,is not because of money........

What actually amused me was the ending of the movie,
go watch it and you will laugh it out loud.

"It is written."

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

You can be as mad as a mad dog at
the way things went.
You could swear, curse the fates,
but when it comes to the end,
you have to let go.

Just love this qoute after watching
the movie for 2 and a half hour.

Well,this movie indeed worth getting
Best Make Up in the Academy Awards.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Just gardening

I don't really read NST,
but today their front page
headline do attract me.

No..Not about Chua Soi Lek,
is what the PM said
'I won't do anything to
embarrass the government once i leave..'


Monday, 23 February 2009


Every day may not be good,
but there's something good in every day.

Friday, 20 February 2009


A movie i always want to watch and finally watched it yesterday.

Bolt,all the while thought he was a super dog,
end up in a different country
and only find out that he is just a normal dog.

Just like in real life,people always thing there so great,
end up knowing they are
just nothing to other people.

But one thing Bolt lucky was,at least till the end his owner,
Penny still care and love him so much.
This don't really happen to real life,
not everyone that lucky.

Monday, 16 February 2009


“I wish I had an answer to that, because I'm tired of answering that question”

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Me To You

The oldest, smallest house you can imagine was about to be knocked down. All the things that once made the house nice and cosy had been thrown outside and piled up in the front garden, from the soft springy bed the owners slept in, to the old wooden floorboards they used to walk on …and even, surely by some mistake, a little brown teddy bear.

He was trapped amongst all the other unwanted things, and couldn't move. Then, one day…a very cold day, something fell from the sky… …a little snowflake It landed on the teddy bear's little nose and then was followed by many more. He began to get cold, very cold indeed. More and more snow fell, heavier and heavier. The little bear was now so cold that his nose started turning blue…so cold that his brown fur started turning grey.

He was cold, unloved and all alone in the world, and felt very, very sad. Winter finally passed and the weather got warmer. One beautiful spring day, a little girl was playing near the old house, when she spotted the grey bear in the pile of unwanted things. He was like no other bear she had ever seen and she pulled him out from where he was trapped. She dusted him down and lifted him high in the sky to look at him.
"A grey teddy bear…with a blue nose?" she thought. "How strange!" The teddy bear wanted to cry. He thought she didn't like him and would throw him back with the other unwanted things. "But he's lovely!" she continued and she fell completely in love with him.

She ran home as fast as her little legs would carry her, to see if her Grandma could patch him up as a lot of his stuffing had fallen out, and he was very much in need of repair. She looked on as her Grandma replaced his stuffing and patched up his holes. His stitches had started showing where the fur had worn away, but the little girl thought he looked perfect. It was all cosy and warm in the little girl's house and the bear felt all cosy and warm in his heart. However, his nose was still blue and his fur was still grey, and they would never return to brown. He was unique among teddy bears. The little girl gave him a great big hug. She loved him more than anything else in the world…her little grey, blue-nosed…

…Tatty Teddy.

My Valentine

You are my best listener; no complains, no hung ups.
You're my dearest; you are patient as well as you are kind.
You are always here for me anytime.

You never let me down,
You never leave me alone...
You are always faithful to me.

Thank you,my valentine...
my loyal Starbucks.
Thanks for being there for me last night.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Goat in the year of OX

Not superstitious,but many thing don't seems well for me from the for the year of 2009.
So just check it out.

Advantages of Goat people: Creative, wise, gentle, artistic, passionate, elegant, warmhearted, honest, ability to solve their own problems, deeply religious, able to make money from their own business.
Disadvantages of Goat people: Pessimistic, timid, shy, disorganized, vulnerable, like material much more than spiritual comforts, easily fail from pressure, complaining. Goat people in the Ox year (1/26/2009-2/13/2010): This is an ill lucky year for all. It's a hard year for the Goat, be careful for your health. No a good year for investment, business, moving and traveling.
Good luck rate among 12 animals: #11.

Goat personality:
These people are considerate creatures - they think before acting, and are trying not to hurt somebody else's feelings. In case such occasion took place and goat person caused unforeseen problems, there is more chances he/she will step forward to rectify the situation. This certain side of their character usually not only helps them to maintain a healthy social life enables them to deal with life's ups and downs.

It is very important to remember that sympathy is very important to these people and so is the approval of people they respect. However they sometimes require too much attention and impose too much on those who close.
Sometimes they are too sensitive for the real world, as they often have some misinterpret with the situations. People born in this year are insecure. They need to feel loved and protected. They are easily drawn into complex predicaments. This being, so, they usually shy from confrontation, pull back when faced with heavy decision-making and blatantly refuse to take an unpopular stand in a conflict.They are also wanderers by nature and are happy to set off on journeys to meet new people and to see the world. It is often the simple things in life that give them the most pleasure; a wonderful view, a beautifully created object or an inspiring piece of music will help these people feel happy and entranced. Such people can be lazy sometimes.

Since the fighting relationship between Goat and Cow, Goat people shouldn't have great career performance in 2009. There is no Lucky Star appearing, but many Unlucky Stars coming to career area in year of 2009. This is very unfavorable to your job position. Your job duty will be heavier. The difficulty level of the task will be higher. The schedule of the project will be tighter. Unexpected obstacles will come to you. The progress of the plan will be slowing down. You will be losing trust from your boss. Also, you will involve the issue on company personnel coordination. Then, you cannot concentrate on your daily business. Therefore, you don't have the chance and time to show off your job ability. If the company has financial trouble, then you have to find a way to save your position.
Career is always the major factor to determine the money luck. If your career luck is poor, then you shouldn't expect any extra income from your job. There is a Broken Star in the money area. That means it's hard to accumulate the wealth in this year. You might lose money since gambling, wrong business deal, risky investment or accident. Whatever you earn, you will spend it at the end and you won't have any extra savings. Therefore, you need to think about balancing the budget before spending money in 2009.
Neither a Love Star nor an Unlucky Star is coming in love area this year. Therefore the love fortune for Goat people is fair this year. Your partner will complaint about your attitude on your love relationship because of your constantly absence of mind. Maybe the pressure from your job, you don't have good temper like before and lose your passion in love. In order to keep your love relationship, you need to pay attention on your words and deeds.
The fighting relationship between Goat and Cow always brings something to trouble people. Too much worry could bring people illness. If you are senior, then you have to watch for your health this year. Whenever feeling uncomfortable, you need to visit the doctor and don't let a tiny illness become a serious disease. If you are a young Goat people, you need to make sure you have good sleeping quality. No enough sleep at night lets you lose energy during daytime, impact your working efficiency and then affect your health and your job.
Because your career luck and money luck are unstable in 2009. You have better to keep your profile low. You need to bear the challenge and endure the trouble, stick on your position and must avoid changing your job. If possible, you also have better not to travel to long distance, not to attend funeral, not to visit the sick people, not do home improvement or redecoration. Your health should be fair. If you have a long term disease, as long as you pay attention on it, you can keep the same health. In general, Goat people must not show off themselves and don't try to be a hero in 2009. They should only focus on their job responsibilities, then they will have a safe and peaceful year of Cow.

This is googled out...Gosh...
How am i going to spend my coming 300+ days?
All the goat out there....
Good Luck ler..

Giving Up

Giving up doesn't always mean you are weak;
sometimes it means that you are strong
enough to let go.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Welcome To Perak

Perak-the second largest state in Peninsular Malaysia.
A state with two MB.
Perak-ian should be happy because they got two MB now,
so envy the people of Perak.
So how long will this continue?
Can they just let the people stay peacefully and
stop making fun of themselves??

Wednesday, 4 February 2009


Berat bebanku
Separuh nafas jiwaku…. sirna

Bukan salahmu
Apa dayaku
Mungkin cinta sejati
tak berpihak.. pada kita

Sampai disini kisah kita
Jangan tangisi keadaannya
Bukan karena kita berbeda

Dengarkan lagu…
lagu ini
Melodi rintihan hati ini
Kisah kitaBerakhir di januari

Monday, 2 February 2009

Nasi Goreng Pattaya

Nasi goreng pattaya, or simply nasi pattaya, is a Malaysian dish made by covering or wrapping chicken fried rice, in fried egg. It is often served with chili sauce, cucumber, and/or keropok. The name comes from Pattaya, Thailand.

It is a fried ketchup-flavored rice sandwiched with a thinly spread beaten egg or covered with a plain egg omelette.

Nasi pattaya is a very common dish in Malaysia, and is usually available in Malay stalls and restaurants.

It was once my favourite food...