Monday, 28 July 2008

So,You like Chelsea??????

Just return from Stadium Shah Alam
where Chelsea team have their training
Around 2000 fans was in the stadium
to see their favourite team
Orait,less words
So...here we go....
Joe Cole,warm up session
Captain John Terry,showing off.....
Deco "in-charge"

Petr Čech,the goalkeeper

Frank Lampard,the only one i prefer in the team..
and he might leave the team as well...
Signs autographs for the fans after training

O!Ya!....That guy....

I don't feel like upload his pic,

but Sam's will kill me...

if i don't....Ok lar....

Below is dedicated for Sam....

Michael Ballack and Frank Lampard


Sunday, 27 July 2008

Chelsea Training Session


Frank Lampard,Joe Cole and the rest
of the club is in Malaysia today
to have their friendly match
with our national team.(huh.....)
this coming Tuesday.

Seriously speaking,
i don't really like Chelsea(sorry),
but i am going to their training tomorrow......

having a lifetime opportunity to see top
footballer of the world...
there is no reason to be sad...

Since i did watch Liverpool,
when Michael Owen is still in the team
and David Beckham in Manchester United...
Well...i might as well take
a nice pic of Frank Lampard.
(So,you know who i actually like
in Chelsea)

I want to believe

I still haven't got the chance to
watch The Dark Knight,
yet there
is another movie that i wish
to watch....

X-Files:I Want To Believe

and i wanna believe it was

a good movie....

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Limited Edition

When 2008 Beijing Olympics is only 13 days to go....
When today newspapers,where everyone rushing
for the last batch of Olympic tickets yesterday...

My friend suddenly ask me,
"Hey!Since you like coke so much.
did u get the
FUWA coke???"

I was like....
Huh!!!Got meh??...I don't have wor...
I start to surf the net....
I couldn't find any coke which there
FUWA on it...

So,i think maybe my friend just
lie to me or just nothing to talk
to me...find a topic lor..

But,i still think there is the possibility,
since Coca-Cola has been involved in the
Olympics since 1928.

(a good guy this morning send me this nicer pic,thank you)

At last...I really found it...
It was damm hard to find...
Wonder how much does it cost??

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Veteran UMNO join PKR

Former deputy information minister

and ex-Kuantan member of parliament

Datuk Fauzi Abdul Rahman


Two more senior UMNO member

who join Datuk Fauzi

on this crossover was

Dr Hadi Derani,

former MP of Kota star


Datuk Mat Lazim Derani,

ex-Ketua Bahagian UMNO for


Tuesday, 22 July 2008


BEIJING, July 22 (Xinhuanet) -- Long-time celebrity couple Carina Lau (Liu Jialing) and Tony Leung (Liang Chaowei) were finally married in the Hilmalayan kingdon of Bhutan Monday morning, HK reporters said.

They were married in a Buddhist ceremony taking place in the luxury Uma Paro Hotel, media reported, adding that about 20 lamas were seen leaving the hotel after the wedding.

Their spokesperson reported that the ceremony had taken place in two parts – the first being a traditional Buddhist ceremony that is officially recognized as a marriage in Bhutan. For the second part, Carina showed off her 12-carat Cartier wedding ring, worth over 10 million Hong Kong dollars, as she cut her five-tiered wedding cake with Tony.

Ming Pao Daily News said about 80 guests, including singer Faye Wong (Wang Fei), former actress Brigitte Lin (Lin Qingxia) and singer Kenny Bee (Zhong Zhentao), attended the ceremony.
Celebrities such as Chang Chen (Zhang Zhen), Cecilia Yip (Ye Tong) and Stanley Kwan (Guan Jinpeng) were also present.

Although the couple did everything to maintain privacy for their special day, they were still very understanding of the waiting press and issued official release photographs to share their happy day with the media and all their fans throughout the world.

Taken from:http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/2008-07/22/content_8743991.htm

Hope it was happy...Congratulation.

The Dark Knight

I want to watch this movie


i don't know when i got the

chance to watch it..

I might end up buying

Dvd,i guess...

This movie remind me

of Siew Ling...

She likes batman...


Have you watch this movie?

Sunday, 20 July 2008

After 1 week.....

After a week of holiday,
miss out all
the Raja Petra's news,
Anwar's arrested news...
traffic jam....
I know my life will be
terrible when i return...
I went to Anwar's house today...
Don't really know why we have to
wait him out,maybe
was afraid that police will caught him again.
Is my job to 'hang' around
Anwar's house...
i saw this lady coming out from
a cab...
taking out her hp
to take pic...
wonder what she take...
Is just a notice ...
Rules of entering Anwar's
No matter rain or shine...
i am there,
just to
capture this picture.
He left the house.

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Ocean Glow.

I was reading a travel magazine,
when i saw this nice place,
Ocean Glow which is located
the main port of the
smallest state in Malaysia.
I sms-ed a friend,asking her why she
didn't tell me there was such a nice place
at Kuala Perlis.
Huh!She didn't even know there was
such place at Kuala Perlis..

Then so told me she will
go find out and let me know...
And she means it...
she managed to get me some
picture with her handphone..
which i think it should be a nice place to
see sunset.

Is time for me to take a rest .....
and enjoy Malaysia.

P/S:Thanks for the pic.

Saturday, 12 July 2008

John Woo to Malaysia to promote Red Cliff

The Holloywood hit film Face/Off director,
John Woo was in Malaysia
to promote his latest film
Red Cliff.
He was accompanied by cast member
Lin Chiling,Chang Chen and
Zhang Fengyi.
They make a special appearance at GSC
in Pavilion to greet fans last night.

But it turn up to be
a mess for the newspaper
photographer when the
organiser not allowed the photographer
to stand on or to near the red carpet,
where the place they provided was
small,with the little stage and
some sort of "important"
guest hangin' around
the red carpet.

As i was not there when the organiser
told this to my friend,
so,when i reached there,
they actually already stand around
the staircase and telling me stories..

We end up taking picture
like those 'fans' shouting around
hoping the casts can actually look
at us(the newspaper photographer)
instead of only looking on those
photo enthusiast
where the mc thought
the are the member of the media.
Please don't expect us
to give you
a better picture
as the organiser was


Wednesday, 9 July 2008

I though it was just no batt......

It stop at 1230pm.
i thought it was just no battery.
my colleague bring it to KLCC
Swatch store,
thought of changing
the battery,
but that sale girl said
"it was not the battery problem,
your watch spoil-lar.
Bring along your guarantee
card and go to the shop
you buy the watch and repair lar"
I was like
"huh!guarantee card...
i used it at least for 2 years,
where i gonna find the guarantee card"
another colleague of mine
went to MidValley,
Swatch store.
With the guarantee card that
they want.
The sale person said
" 'inside' spoil,
here cannot repair,
have to send to France.
But not worth -lar,
buy a new one lor"
Why France?
Swatch is from Switzerland,
why want to send to France??
I decided to go to
Malaysia Swatch Service Centre
myself at Wisma Goldhill.
The point is not to
buy a new one or not,
the point is the watch
means a lot to me mah...
I just want to repair
my watch only mah...
Why nobody can actually tell
me how to "recover"
the watch?

The so-called 'security personnel' of PKR

‘Inexperienced’ security personnel.
Incident happen last Sunday,at anti-fuel hike rally.
The press was not having the smoothest of times,
as highlighted by an unsavoury incident for a photographer for a French press agency.He was allegedly kicked as security personnel comprising PKR Youth members tried to remove him from the VIP booth. The photographer, who does not speak any local language, told other reporters about the incident.
There were more run-ins between security personnel and photographers during the Carburetor Dung fracas.
PKR officials had to apologise profusely to a group of local photographers who were
manhandled by the security personnel during the melee.
“They are inexperienced and we apologise,” a Protes spokesperson told a large group of irate photographers after the incident.
Protes announced last night they would conduct a “post-mortem” on the incident.
Taken from MCPA site..
Phototalk a site where photographer
can speak out their mind..

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Whales should be shot with Canons, not harpoons.

Why use a harpoon... when you can use a Canon?
This tittle actually attract me to
look in to this website..
This might be a out-dated
but guess what,
i just knew it...
Although i am a
Canon user,
I can do nothing but
to joined them by
sending the letter...
So,what are you waiting for...
(you don't need to actually
write yourself..Just fill in your name and your
email add)

More than 138,000 people have joined our campaign to have Canon live up to its reputation as a defender of wildlife by condemning the Japanese "lethal whale research program." Add your voice by sending the letter now.

Canon Can Save Whales!

Creative Commons image by Commerciante di Maiali submitted to the Canon Exposed photo competition.

Sunday, 6 July 2008

PROTES 2008 ~part 2~

Before i can actually finish my 1st blog,
my boss asked me out for another assignment...
So,here is my 2nd part...
This is the crowd...outside the stadium..
crowded with people in RED...
shopping around....
Don't you think it was like
a carnival??

The most popular item...

The badge,RM2 each

Wonder the child understand what is
"why is my dad asking me to wear that on my head??"
or maybe just to attract people like us to take pic...

At the same time,
beside giving out flyer of
anti-hike fuel...
flyer of Datuk Seri Anwar spreading
out as well.......

The Socialist Party of Malaysia,
comes in a group with banner
and bunting.

As i only 'taking care' of
what happened outside the Stadium.
Those are some of the pic i managed to capture.

PROTES 2008 Carnival....

The "One Million People" protest at
Stadium Kelana Jaya on anti- fuel hike,
started as early as 830am
(the time i reached the stadium).
No jam...No Block...No police....
Till the time i left around 12pm.
As i walk around,
the atmosphere there was
more like a carnival more then
a so called protest rally...
where everyone selling and buying...
RED shirt,badge,tag,cap,umbrella....
Of course you won't feel hungry
as they sell nasi lemak,burger,water..etc.
Maybe the good show start at night
as Datuk Seri Anwar reach around 9pm.

Friday, 4 July 2008

After 10 years....

After 10 years,

when he thought everything

got to be alright,

he decided to announced

where he want so go for

by -election....


He got a new allegations of


Huh....Why now?

Is hard to make people stop wonder,

why now???

A large crowd gathered at Stadium Melawati,

Shah Alam last Tuesday to listen to

PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Although it was a last minute noticed...

but the stadium was fulled of

supporter to listen to his story...

After Anwar's came out from Turkey

embassy,we are busy following

him to anywhere he go...

his's house,PKR headquater,

some hotel....

Anwar's wont sit down quietly and

allow a repeat of 1998.

This time he decided to


"Lawan tetap Lawan"