Monday, 31 December 2007

2008.....waiting for you!!!!!

Life only pass us once;
Today moments becomes tomorrow's memory.

Life short,Play hard....

For those who is going for a countdown tonight,
enjoy the night but most important thing
was if you plan to drink tonight...

Enjoy 2007 before it ends,
Welcome 2008......

Why Stop If Is Not Emergency????

Last Fri,Road Safety Department director-general Datuk Suret Singh
said the emergency lanes were meant for the use of authorities such as the fire and rescue department, police and ambulance, which provide services during emergencies.

"What must be understood is that the emergency lane is a traffic lane and it is for the relevant agencies to use. This is what the emergency lane is for. It is extremely dangerous when vehicles are parked at emergency lanes,"

I wonder,why should anyone bother the stop their car at emergency lane if their
car did not brake down???Hahaha....

Everyone stop their car at emergency lane is also because the were in a "emergency..."

Saturday, 29 December 2007

Benazir Bhutto Killed

It was a world shocking news when the former prime minister of Pakistan,
Benazir Bhutto has been killed by shots to the head and chest in Rawalpindi.
BUT...Does she really get killed???
According to CNN today
"Bhutto's political party disputed official versions of the incident, accusing the government of lying. Video footage of Thursday's attack on Bhutto contains a murky shot of a hand firing a pistol three times, but the Pakistani government said Bhutto -- who was standing through her vehicle's sunroof -- was not hit."

"The latest explanation Friday by Pakistan's Interior Ministry said Bhutto, 54, died from a fractured skull after hitting her head on a piece of the vehicle."

Immediately following the gunfire, a suicide bomber ignited explosives near Bhutto's motorcade.
An Interior Ministry spokesman, Brig. Javed Iqbal Cheema, said Bhutto "fell down or perhaps ducked" and apparently hit her head on a lever connected to the car's sunroof. Cheema added that the lever was stained with blood.

Whatever the answered was,may Ms Bhutto RIP and May God Bless Pakistan.

Sunday, 23 December 2007

Leo Ku "The magic moment" X'Mas Concert 2007

Leo Ku Magic Moment 2007,Stadium Merdeka.23.12.07

Fastest concert i ever did,maybe because it begin on time.. 8.09pm.

His invited guess,good buddy Justin and friend
A MAGIC moment....

Dong Zhi Kuai Le Ma?????

Last night i spend my dong zhi with a bunch

of police and fellow press friend...

Of course not eating tang yuan together ler...

but we did feed mosquito together...

Although Solidarity Vigil For ISA was postponed

due to they didn't get the permit from

POLICE.We still have to standby at Dataran

(just in case).

What make thing funny,a press even

send 3 photographer to standby...

what a kind company...hahahah!

P/S:I managed to get some Dataran Merdeka night view!

Saturday, 22 December 2007

Winter Solstice Festival

Literally meaning the "arrival of winter”, Dong Zhi is the second most
important festival of the Chinese calendar, and is considered the thanksgiving
of the Chinese calendar. Dong Zhi is the last festival of the year. Coinciding
with the winter solstice, it is a time for the entire family to get together to
celebrate the past good year. Glutinous rice balls known as Tang Yuan
are cooked and eaten to signify unity and harmony within the family.

Dong Zhi is the celebration of the good year one and his family has enjoyed.
In ancient China, many poor people were not able to protect themselves from
the blistering cold winter, and they would often resort to eating bowls of
warming tang yuan (sweet soup of glutinuous rice flour balls) together in order
to keep warm.

The Chinese word tang (meaning 'soup') sounds like tuan which means reunion, while yuan means round, signifying "yuan man" (complete ). The entire phrase tang yuan therefore symbolises "tuan yuan" (family reunion), and eating tang yuan on Dong Zhi represents family reunion and harmony, and also signifies family unity and family prosperity.
For good luck, some families prefer to have some pink tang yuan to mix with the white ones.

Now only i know why my mum will coloured some tang yuan to pink .hahaa...

Monday, 17 December 2007

Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

I wonder what does 'branded' or maybe luxury shop means...
when my boss wan me to capture some luxury outlets in Pavilion...
I was like 'blank' when my boss told me...but of course i have to say
'Oo...ok lor'

Normally,shopping complex like this photography are not allowed ,
especially camera like what i'm using now.

So,i have to act like a tourist...took out my hp...
But what does 'luxury' means???
and i end up taking some pic with brand i don't
see or heard before...

End of the day,
I wonder when the security checked thru the cctv,
will they suspect me for doing anything bad since
i'm only taking luxury shop.


Sunday, 16 December 2007

Photographer VS Photojournalist

[Photographer needs:] creativity, style, elegance, wit and craft.

[A photojournalist also needs that and] courage, stamina, cunning and luck.

- Elliott Erwitt

Friday, 14 December 2007

Toilet Cleanliness

The state of Malaysia's public toilets has become a hot-button issue, with tourists saying they were often dirty and lacked basic items such as soap and paper. "They can be very messy because people don't seem to know how to use the toilets."

Malaysian public lack civic consciousness when using public toilets. They just dont bother and hope someone will take care the mess that they left behind. What a shame!!!!
Things like this not only happen in a public toilet....

Don't cross the border...

Last Mon,nobody was allowed to walk by or maybe pass by
the Parliament area,except those who
have work or worked in the parliament,
because Malaysian Coalition for Free and Fair Elections
held a handing over of a memorandum ceremony in front
of the Malaysian parliament.

despatch boy,burger seller,passer by have to let the police know the reason and

why they need to go in ,because the police have the court order

where no one are allowed to stay around..

or 'lepaking' around parliament area...

But one thing for sure,police won't stop curious tourist during this so called 'operation'

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Bar Council's 'Festival of Rights'

They ended their 'Festival of Rights' with no human rights, when Bar Council Human Rights Committee chair,Edmond Bon get caught when the DBKL enforcers demanded Bar Council to take down some banners,which Edmond said that is a private function where we don't need to have a permit to hang anything within our own building.He even invite DBKL enforcers to enjoy human rights day with them..

DBKL get help from the police when Edmond stop them from removing anything within the Bar Council's premises.

Is indeed a sad human rights day......

S.H.E Live In Malaysia 2007

They have their 3rd concert here on 1st December 2007,Stadium Merdeka..
No big expectation from me,when i already watched their concert for the

4th time.
Beginning of the concert,they are some problem with Hebe mic,
where Ella trying to help her.
The PA system are bad thru out the concert.

But one thing for sure was,they has grown up and their performance will satisfied all the fans who watched their concert that night.


One of the biggest most riotous demonstration the country has ever seen after BERSIH. The government should do something,beside saying this is not our cultural
On 30th August 2007, a class action on behalf of Malaysian Indians was filed at The Royal Courts of Justice in London to sue the UK Government for US$4 trillion (US$1 million for every Malaysian Indian) for bringing Indians as indentured laborers into Malaya, "exploiting them for 150 years" and thereafter failing to protect the minority Indians' rights in the Federal Constitution when independence was granted. As the group, which represents mainly working-class Indo-Malaysians, could not afford the legal fees required, a petition was circulated with 100,000 signatures to be presented to Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom to appoint a Queen's counsel to argue the case

HINDRAF organized a rally on Sunday, 25th November 2007 to submit the petition at the British High Commission. Malaysian police refused to grant a permit for the rally, and set up roadblocks in Klang Valley along roads leading up to the rally to screen motorists entering the city center and identify troublemakers. They also advised the public not to participate in the rally. Hindraf was hoping that 10,000 Indians will walk but the police, as usual, have banned the rally.

How long will it lasts.....