Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Anwar Ibrahim going to the Parliament soon.....

(AFP pic)

Sms from The Star,
PKR claims Anwar has won by
17,652 votes,
unofficial results

He held the seat of
Permatang Pauh
from 1982-1999,
under the ticket of UMNO .
Now he return to his
old seat with PKR ticket.

Political Toy...A Datuk to be...

Just because the federal government gave
him RM300,000 cash reward,
he had to go Permatang Pauh by-election
and campaign for Barisan Nasional.

Just because the Chief Minister awarded him a Datukship,
he had to go to the 15th DAP National Congress to
meet the Chief Minister.

Lee Chong Wei is just a sportsman.
Give him some space to play well in his
badminton,don't make him a politician.
Poor sportsman indeed....

Monday, 25 August 2008


Lee Chong wei(L) accompany by his
coach Misbun Sidek.
Another Datuk??Why??
Just because he trained him
till he get the silver???
Or just because Lee Chong Wei
get the RM300,000 and the
title Datuk??

And we can't let the coach go
back empty handed,
then we have to gave it to
the coach a Datuk and
RM60,000 ?

You think this is reasonable???

' Lee Chong Wei's coach Misbun Sidek will be receiving RM60,000 cash as a reward from Youth and Sports Ministry for helping the country win a silver medal in the Beijing Olympics. Minister Datuk Ismail Sabri Yaakob, who announced this, also welcomed the Malacca state government's decision to honour Misbun with the Darjah Mulia Seri Melaka (DMSM) state award, which carries the title "Datuk".'

PUMP now,before the SALE end.

I get this forward email
about the SALE of the petrol,
when our government
recently announced that
our fuel price will reduced.

What actually make me laugh
was quote there
"PUMP now,
because you don't know what will
happen in 15 days time!'

The best part of the Beijing Olympic Closing Ceremony.

Sitting in front the TV watching the closing,
nothing actually attract me.
As i watch,i read newspaper.

Until i saw him....
hahaha.....(AP Photo/Greg Baker)

David Beckham kick the ball to the

crowd from a double decker bus

to symbolise the handover to London.

(Phil Noble/Reuters)

Happy 51st Birthday,Malaysia

Malaysia is celebrating National Day
this coming August 31,
like previous year,
Petronas comes out with
some meaningful advertistment,
and here is for this year....

and hard work paves
to the road of

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

A Silver,A Datukship....

Although he failed to bring back the gold medal,
he got nothing to lose as he got a lot support
from fellow citizen of Malaysia.
Guess nobody blame him,but praise him as a hero.

He will get his RM300,000 cheque and
a monthly pension of RM3,000
tonight at his hometown,Penang.

(TheStar pic)

His special thanks to Penang state as well,
as the state will award a Datukship to him
on Aug 30.

Guess if he bring back a Gold medal,
he might get a Datuk Seri.
So,we call him Datuk Lee Chong Wei
next month.

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Lee Chong Wei VS Lin Dan in Beijing Olympics 2008

Is indeed proud that he makes in to the final.
Is indeed the only hope for Malaysia to get a gold medal.
Is indeed everyone praying for his success.

Can he bring back the gold medal?
Can he actually took away the RM 1 million reward ?
Can he afford to make Lin Dan lose in front of Lin Dan's home crowd?
Can he make us have a public holiday?
(hahahah....who know if he really win)

Is not that i am not patriotic enough,
i do hope he win,
but do the government really need to give him
RM1 million for gold
and RM300,000 for silver???
Will he fight for the medal or the $$$$?
Whatever is it,he at least get the RM 300,000

The war begin at 8.48pm tonight,
it will be World No.1 vs World No.2,
It’s going to be a tight match.
Good Luck -ler.....

Saturday, 16 August 2008

I stepped in to One Island.One Resort.

It was a dream comes true
when i can actually step on the
It was like "Wow"...
I am really here....

I knew about this resort
when a friend went for
Tun Mahathir function.
She told me that this place
was so 'damn' nice...
and 'you got no money
to go-lar'
And when i check it through
the Internet,
i was 'huh...okok!'
forget it....
The island itself was owned by YTL...

The room rates was in US Dollars..
I didn't expect that
i really got the chance to stepped in the jetty
and stay in a villa that cost USD 400++
I also got the chance to sit on a cruise
to watch the most beautiful sunset
they said in Pangkor.

This is what you called Life.....

Monday, 11 August 2008

Fuwa Fever.......

Fuwa,the mascots of
2008 Beijing Olympic Games,
which didn't appear in
the opening of the
Olympic Games.

There is a lot of
collectible items
released to makes
people actually spend money
to buy the limited edition
You name it,
coke(hahaha) and etc.....
You can used quite
a lot of money if you
really a Fuwa supporter.

As i was waiting for my reporter
and finding a place
to yam cha,
i saw this....


you don't have to go
China or buy online
for this Fuwa.
You can find it at
Desa Tun Razak...

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Ong Tee Keat ready for MCA President

Ong Tee Keat ready to fight for the top post
of MCA when he yesterday launched
his presidential website at his community
service centre.

slogan 'Courage To Change and
Creating New Values'.

Being the 1st minister from the party
to have a presidential campaign portal
in conjunction with the party election
on 18 Oct,2008.
His hoping to share his views with
the public.

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Protest Against Bar Council Conversions Forum.

Several hundred various groups are
outside Bar Council building as
early as 8am to protest against forum on conversion to Islam.
They bring along banner criticising and condemning the forum
which has received objections from
both government and opposition leaders.

(They even put the banner on
a police car which is
written 'Jangan Cabar Islam'
which means Don't dare Islam)

Police have advised them to finish up early

as the protest is still going on outside the building.

The forum ended 3 minutes earlier before 10am


Friday, 8 August 2008

I am Ready

I am going to a colleague house to watch
the opening of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.
Is not that my house don't have a Astro,
is just we wanna mess out a colleague house...
Are you ready to let us go your house??

Enjoy the 3 and half hour opening...

Don't they have any better thing to do???

Anwar Ibrahim arrived at Jalan Duta court yesterday
morning to face the sodomy charge against him.
No handcuffs,no riots and no untoward incidents like
what had happened 10 years ago.
He arrives with his own car,accompanied by his family.

There were at least 50
journalists and photographers,
both foreign and local
waiting outside the court as early as 7am.

I wonder,beside Anwar Ibrahim,who can make this world
second largest courthouse pack with people.
And i wonder, who are they?don't they have a work to do???
Or their work is just to support Anwar Ibrahim?
Plainclothes policemen??

I don't mean to hurt anyone feeling,and i am not
stopping anyone to support Anwar Ibrahim,
but i am just hoping that 'those' people
don't make work harder for the media
as you all are hoping to see good news coverage
and picture in the newspaper the next day.

Oops...Did i mention that it was my day off yesterday,
so i am not one of the crowd.
Salute to all my friend who was covering this
'memorable' moment...
You guys had a tough day.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Jade Liu LiYang

Just finish this album called I Am Just What I Am
by 2nd runner up of
Super Voice Girl third season(2006),
Liu LiYang

I find it worth buying(of course i don't buy,
i have it free,haha)
If u like S.H.E then you will like
her music.
After all they come from the same record company,
HIM International Music.haha....

When everyone like the song
'Smiling Tears 'or 'Yan Lei Xiao Le'
and 'Legend 'or 'Chuan So '
where she duet with Yoga Lin,
i personally like 'What's Wrong With Loving You' or
'Wo Ai Ni You Shen Me Du Dui'.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Himpunan Keluarga Merdeka bersama Anwar Ibrahim

Can he make it to this gathering?

It depend on what will happen

tomorrow as the police will

formally charged Anwar Ibrahim


Police have summoned Anwar to appear

at the Jalan Duta in Kuala Lumpur courts

tomorrow morning in relation to fresh

sodomy accusations made by

his former male aide

Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan late June.

Monday, 4 August 2008

Beijing Welcome You

I don't really know whether is this the
theme song for the
Beijing 2008 Olympic games
but i just think they are just great...
Although the lyrics keep repeating,but
they gather Chinese singer from all over
the world to complete this song...
(But i can't find Malaysia artist,ha!)

08.08.08-4 days to go

Sunday, 3 August 2008

How safe is MRR2???

Middle Ring Road 2,Kepong flyover and the road below
was closed this morning after cracks appeared on a pillar.
Public saw they are small stones fall from the flyover as
they passing by the road.

This is the third time the 1.7-km MRR2 Kepong
flyover has been closed because of cracks.
It was first closed in August 2004 and
then for the second time in February 2006 for repairs.

Why such thing can still happened when the government
actually guarantee it was safe?

Li YuChun in Malaysia for MTV Asia Awards.

Oba's super idol,Li YuChun first appear here
in Malaysia for MTV Asia Award 2008.
In the same time MTV Asia Award
was also held here in Malaysia for the 1st time.
I don't know how would it be,
but i believe it would be a mess,
you know,the "Malaysian" way.

She grab the Favorite Artist of China.
Wonder how she felt being
favorite artist of
such a huge country,haha..

what actually surprise me was,
Nicholas Teo won favorite artist of Malaysia
which i thought the winner should be