Monday, 14 January 2008

Never Apart · Michael Wong Live In Genting 2008

Mention about Guang Liang concert,everyone with no doubt
will think that other then me,there will be no one
'allow' to cover this concert.
Perhaps many people think that going to his concert is kind of boring,because most of his song are love songs.
But it was actually a simple concert assignment for me,
when you won't have to worry you miss any dancing part of
When i run thru the concert run down,i was kind of disappointed when 2 of my favourite song is not in it....
Well,he didn't disappoint me when the crowd continuously crying out for encore and his name,
at the end of the concert. All the fans were crowding up in front of the stage,he decided
to sing a few more songs,with his piano,which is included the 2 song i wish to listen.

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Anonymous said...

I Like the 1st pic....