Saturday, 22 November 2008

Malaysia PWH Music Award (Yu Xie Jiang)

I will be covering Yu Xie Jiang tonight at
Arena Of Star,Genting.
This every two years PWH Music award was organised by
Entertainment Journalists (Chinese) Association
was an acknowledgement and reward for
the many talented Malaysian artistes, many of whom
are now making waves overseas.

So,who will be attending tonight??
Guang Liang of course won't miss it...
Who else???
Gary Chaw, Nicholas Teo, Rynn Lim
and many more..

Can't make it tonight at Genting,
Ha...No fear as you can watch it live
through Jia Yu Channel (Astro Channel 304).
(C,u dont have to thanks me...haha)

Check this out


Anonymous said...

nice song

fans said...

how come i dont see Nicholas in the MV?

bird said...

when u want to do a free ad for me?