Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Renewing a Malaysian Passport

Just before i come back Malacca,a friend called to ask for my passport
number for booking air ticket purpose,i told her
i haven't renew my passport and was going back to Malacca.
she asked me to renew it at Malacca,
was easy and fast.

I was thinking,well doing passport should be
fast now as there is the machine
renewal,that i heard will be done in 2 hour.

I went to to Immigration Department’s website
to look for a guide in renewing my passport, but I couldn’t find any.So,i decided to go the Malacca Immigration Department with my brother at around 10am.

Was surprise to find out,there was no machine renewal there
and they were still putting Pak Lah
picture in their office..
Hope they know their boss now was
Hishammuddin Hussein and not Syed Hamid.

Anyway......As usual,line up to buy forms(why we need to by form??Not FOC),fill in the forms,go and take passport size pic,ya...you don't waste money and time go to some photo shop and take
your passport size pic as they will reject..hehehhe...
then line up again to get number for application,
then wait to pay..
After paid,the friendly officer told me will be
ready at 1240pm,means gonna wait 2 hours.

Ok lor....Go yam cha with my brother...Play psp....
Then suddenly someone called me
'Cik,nak angkat passport ker??Dah siap,
gi angkat nombor'
I reply 'nak angkat nombor lagi??'
I go get a number,pass it to her and she give my new passport...which i just
know the passport number is not same with the old one.

Point is...Is only 1215pm.
Well,guess without machine renewal...
They can do thing fast as well...


kim said...

i want to go Malacca do next time...

Ah Kean said...

They do surprise us in rare occasion.