Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Eat N Bank

As usual every time when i come back to Malacca,i have to
go this Tan Kim Hock to buy Chili Sauce for my colleague and
my mum always wonder what so nice about that chill sauce.

Opposite Tan Kim Hock there is this CIMB bank where i normally
will 'visit' as well,this is the only bank i can say it don't look like a bank...
It was like a Baba Nyonya house...

Today,there is a change to the bank....I was like,huh....OldTown in a bank???
As i went in,wow...is was actually more like a Oldtown then to a bank to me..
I am not sure whether i can found one in KL,but this is first to me.
As you do any transaction at the ATM,there is someone next to you enjoying
their Oldtown White coffee.

Is it safe to drink in a bank???
or Is the bank safe to have we all dine in??
Will it be that "sueh" if you are yamcha-ing then there is this
robber come and rob the bank,and rob you as well????
Hahahahha.....I know,i think too much,but i won't yam cha there....

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klim said...

u takut kena rompak ker???