Sunday, 3 February 2008

Stephen Chow watch Kung-Fu Dunk????

"I hope Stephen Chow will watch this movie" this is what Jay's answered when the emcee ask him whether he have anything to add in a Q&A to his latest movie Kung Fu Dunk promo tour in Malaysia yesterday.He said this to everyone in the cinema hall where there are some lucky winner,the media and sponsors,just before the preview start.(don't you think he is really 'tiau')

He's here with Baron Chen and director Chu Yin Ping,where Malaysia was one of the 10-day Asian promotional tour. I think is just another Jay Chow's movie,if you are really a die-hard fans of Jay,you shouldn't miss this movie,where u can actually see a lot of 'cute' side of him.

The part which makes Jay's felt touch was the part he acts with Eric Tsang.
Well,after all it was a Chinese New Year movie....so,do watch it with your family or friends when u feel bored.

Check it out on the cinema on 7th Feb 2008.

what a lucky number..


P/S:By the way,pls watched mandarin version,cantonese version was s**k

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jayFANS said...

i like this movie....i think jay is cute too....