Monday, 4 February 2008

Stephen Chow in town....

In conjunction for his latest movie, Stephen Chow is in town with Kitty Zhang and
Lee Sheung Ching at Pavilion,KL.They are here to meet their fans.
Everything was just perfect....Till Stephen Chow step in to the main entrance of the red carpet...

The bodyguard start to mess around themselves....
They stop us from taking picture..
They block us...They even push and scolded us.

We actually know our limit,what make those bodyguard think we will go near the artist??
The bodyguard are just s**k.
Just imagine we can't even get near the artist where they is actually more then 20 body guard around to 'protect' an artist.

Can you spot Stephen??
or can u spot the bodyguard??

The way bodyguard work..

Be smart...or else...you will kena 'buli'
by those so called BODYGUARD.


sslai said...

fxxk the bodyguard

HJ® said...

wah, first Jay Chou. second, Stephen Chow

next? Chow Yun Fat ah? ; p

Roo said...

Don't mind them, they are so under educated about "bodyguarding". Let them be... and they will know it sometimes when they get older or bully by others. We, as a photo journalist must have both creativity and strength to handle this kinda situation. Don't you? You got what you want, isn't it? Hahahah! We are the CHAMPION, my friend! As the lyrics in QUEEN's song.