Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Carol Chew VS Teresa Kok

Election day getting nearer,many candidate will think of all
kind of idea to put in their billboard to attract voter to vote them...
It happen anywhere,and i took Carol Chew and Teresa Kok as an example..
Teresa Kok was contesting both the Seputeh Parliamentary seat and Kinrara
state seat.

The 1st criticised billboard was actually launch by Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate for the
Seputeh parliamentary seat, Carol Chew Chee Lin ,which showed the lady in red abandon her
“old lover” (Mr Seputeh) and fall into the arms of another man (Mr Kinrara).
The caption reads: "Once and for all, we will never abandon you, please vote BN."

Teresa never expect this kind of banner will release by Carol as she thought

it should be a 'gentlewoman fight'.

"The implication (of the caricature) is that I am a loose woman.

This kind of message is really shocking and has sexist content."

This billboard describing Kinrara and Seputeh as a car and a motorcycle respectively,

and shows Teresa leaning to the choice of the better vehicle.

The line reads: “Do you like to be second choice?”This shows Teresa balancing herself between two

boats labelled as Seputeh and Kinrara,and ends up drowning

This caricature shows Teresa playing badminton with both Seputeh and Kinrara BN

candidates Carol Chew and Kow Cheong Wei at the same time,

accompanied by a line

“...No worries, I’ll give 12 points each to you’ll & I still can win ...!”

Carol's did mention that they will change the billboard everyday till the election as it was a series billboard.Another 3 day will be our election day,let's see what else can she come out with...

Would she get the vote from the voter or she is just entertaining the public???

Is all in the hand of the RAKYAT.


Beautiful Tonight said...

i am form seputeh area.. I definitely ignore Carol Chew..she is nobody but a cheap jealousy woman.. oh gosh... she's cheap..

Anonymous said...

she lost my vote too....

Anonymous said...

yeah....Teresa won...

Anonymous said...

Keep it up Teresa!
My vote is always for you.


Disrespectful. What crap. Teresa sue her.

Crankshaft said...

You should write Carol Chew a letter like I did.

Then again I just love rubbing it in to those who resort to cheap tactics.

Anonymous said...

When i first saw Teresa picture on the DAP ceramah, i think she's very pretty and matured woman, it will be priceless if you can have a wife like her.