Monday, 3 March 2008

Nicholas Teo's first concert

Nicholas Teo will have his very first concert on home ground on March 29.
With the theme, Nicholas From Now on Live In Malaysia will be held at Stadium Putra.

Yesterday he meet his fans at Sg.Wang before he goes 'disappear'
to 'charge' his energy to perform well on the concert day.
He also announced yesterday that special guest for his concert was Fish Leong,
also a very own Malaysia artist and his good friend.
He will perform a duet with her as well....

He hope that those who haven't purchase the concert ticket
act fast as it will be great concert and many surprise coming out,
and he also mentioned the surprise was not only seeing him dancing.


nic...fans said...

he was so cute....

-aivin- said...

Ooh , thanks . Btw, who are you ?
Love the picture!

hokkien said...

Nicholas...who ah?

love nicholas said...

We won't blame those who don'know who is Nicholas...but we will ask him to sing in hokkien next time..so that those who only know hokkien knew him..