Saturday, 27 September 2008

Sammi Cheng Show Mi AGAIN 2008

Was at Genting last night,as usual we squad
through the whole concert,just to make
sure we won't 'kena' scold from boss
for not taking a at least a nicer picture.
So,don't envy us for the free concert watching job.

Being a fans of Sammi.maybe my expectation was
high,last night concert,is not a good show.
Is not bad,just not a good show.
Haha...maybe last year concert was too great
for me.
As the concert theme was the same as last year,
so most of the part is just a recall memories to me.
Except a new song,where she mention it was
the song for her latest movie,Lady Cop & Papa Crook.
That is why it was called "Show Mi Again".
Huh,i even saw a uncle sleep during the concert.

I was not disappointed-ler,at least i managed
to see Sammi mah..

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sammi fans said...

wow...i love Sammi.thanks for sharing