Thursday, 29 January 2009

Almost miss it....

As people always said,Chinese new Year have to go Malacca.
Very nice..Lot of CNY feels there...
And of course veri jam here as well.

Being a Malaccaan,i didn't really understand why so many people like to go Jonker Street.
Line up to eat the chicken rice ball,line up to buy souvenir..
which i think is much more expensive.
But,ever since i work in KL,every CNY is either i come back early for CNY or
maybe after the 3rd or 4th of CNY.But i will never miss to at least,
walk around the Jonker Street alone,
see the decoration...
see people busy buying souvenir,
see people busy taking pic.

This year,
if not because i want to go
Jonker Street to buy something very important,
i almost miss the Ox decoration.
Is too hot in Malacca this year.
Well,still many people on the street,
although the sun was damn hot.

Beside kiasu,Malacca is has been listed as a prominent
World Heritage Site of UNESCO since 7th July 2008.


wasleepbetter said...

wa love penang!

huey mei said...

wa ma si know lu love Png...
then lu better dont go Malacca...
lu will find out Malacca nicer then Png...