Thursday, 29 January 2009

Two Eye in Malacca

I don't know since when Malacca become a Kiasu state,
Malacca now have to 'Eye'..
Of course the Malacca eye was like a fun fair ferris wheel,
which i guess only attract kids

As i was going to Melaka Raya,
i accidentally saw Eye on Malaysia on my right hand side
and this is the 1st time i saw it since it migrant to Malacca from KL.
and it was already 11pm++
Will find a day,bring along my camera,back to Malacca..
Hope to capture a nice Eye on Malacca..

(credit to CCZ)

Better then what i took in KL.
kiasu also me....hahhahah.
Just to sahre this two pic taken
by my bro.

(credit to CCZ)

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