Saturday, 29 December 2007

Benazir Bhutto Killed

It was a world shocking news when the former prime minister of Pakistan,
Benazir Bhutto has been killed by shots to the head and chest in Rawalpindi.
BUT...Does she really get killed???
According to CNN today
"Bhutto's political party disputed official versions of the incident, accusing the government of lying. Video footage of Thursday's attack on Bhutto contains a murky shot of a hand firing a pistol three times, but the Pakistani government said Bhutto -- who was standing through her vehicle's sunroof -- was not hit."

"The latest explanation Friday by Pakistan's Interior Ministry said Bhutto, 54, died from a fractured skull after hitting her head on a piece of the vehicle."

Immediately following the gunfire, a suicide bomber ignited explosives near Bhutto's motorcade.
An Interior Ministry spokesman, Brig. Javed Iqbal Cheema, said Bhutto "fell down or perhaps ducked" and apparently hit her head on a lever connected to the car's sunroof. Cheema added that the lever was stained with blood.

Whatever the answered was,may Ms Bhutto RIP and May God Bless Pakistan.

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