Wednesday, 12 December 2007


One of the biggest most riotous demonstration the country has ever seen after BERSIH. The government should do something,beside saying this is not our cultural
On 30th August 2007, a class action on behalf of Malaysian Indians was filed at The Royal Courts of Justice in London to sue the UK Government for US$4 trillion (US$1 million for every Malaysian Indian) for bringing Indians as indentured laborers into Malaya, "exploiting them for 150 years" and thereafter failing to protect the minority Indians' rights in the Federal Constitution when independence was granted. As the group, which represents mainly working-class Indo-Malaysians, could not afford the legal fees required, a petition was circulated with 100,000 signatures to be presented to Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom to appoint a Queen's counsel to argue the case

HINDRAF organized a rally on Sunday, 25th November 2007 to submit the petition at the British High Commission. Malaysian police refused to grant a permit for the rally, and set up roadblocks in Klang Valley along roads leading up to the rally to screen motorists entering the city center and identify troublemakers. They also advised the public not to participate in the rally. Hindraf was hoping that 10,000 Indians will walk but the police, as usual, have banned the rally.

How long will it lasts.....

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