Monday, 19 May 2008

3 Minutes of Silence for China after quake

At 2.28pm sharp,19082008..
In the hall of the Embassy Of The People's
Republic Of China in Malaysia have a
three minutes of silence
as China began three days
of mourning for victims
of the country's massive earthquake.

After a week of the quake,
China observes 3 minutes of silence,
flag flew at half-mast,
public entertainment was cancelled.

The Olympic torch relay ,
a potent symbol of national pride
in the countdown to August's
much anticipated Beijing games
was also suspended
during the mourning period.
The mourning period begins
as the hope of finding more
trapped survivors dwindles,
and preventing hunger and disease
among the homeless became more pressing.

Some Chinese leader today attend this 3 minutes of
silence with China Ambassador,Cheng Yonghua.


hokkien said...

where is OKT?

Anonymous said...

y only DAP leader?

huey mei said...

how i know r????
I m not the organiser wor...