Monday, 19 May 2008

Olimpik Di Beijing

While i was looking around in
You Tube..
I was kind of surprise to found out there
is a Malay version of Beijing Olympics theme song.
Maybe i was kind of outdated,
but i was like...huh..why??how come??

i personally think this song is cool...

It was present by our own local artist
Michael Wong, Ning Baizura,
Sharizan Borhan, David Arumugam,
Nikki, Jaclyn Victor, Estranged,
Penny Tai, Meet Uncle Hussein,
Nurul, Daniel Lee, Dayang Nurfaizah,
Gary Chaw, Farawahida, Maya Karin,
Doul, James Baum, Faizal Tahir, S.A.B,
Ito-M’pire rock band, Ali (from XPDC),
Yazer, Pop Shuvit, NUR, Azfar, Zehra Zambri,
BoyzFrenz, Jerry Wong,
Winson Woon, Orange, Henley.....

And of course the song was lead by
no other then Michael Wong...


fl said...


lim said...

only for malaysian 2 listen???

zHen nI said...

I like the song.. very nice..

huey mei said...

no lar...for those who understand Malay...