Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Tun Mahathir back to Malaysia

Tun return to Malaysia from Japan

after he attend an international conference

in Tokyo today.

It was about 300 UMNO supporter was there
as early as 4pm.They come all the way from

Kedah to Subang just to show their support

to Tun.And i believe some are not even

an UMNO member.

Tun was happy that although he quit

as a UMNO member,

they are still supporter who

still give him full support.

P/S:Pak Lah is coming back tonight from Japan as well...Would it be the same???


Konakon said...

300 racists just like that Dr Mamak

荒凉。儒 said...

Finally... Here's a picture of HOKKIEN which didn't got censored...


hokkien said...

he didn't say wa pun didn't notice...do u mind mosaic my eyes ah? lu know la...wa malu

huey mei said...

who will see u wor...aiyo....

hokkien said...

hello, this is not call mosaic...its like lu put shit into my eyes wor!

huey mei said...

aiya...sui bian lar...as long as people cant recognise u mah