Saturday, 12 July 2008

John Woo to Malaysia to promote Red Cliff

The Holloywood hit film Face/Off director,
John Woo was in Malaysia
to promote his latest film
Red Cliff.
He was accompanied by cast member
Lin Chiling,Chang Chen and
Zhang Fengyi.
They make a special appearance at GSC
in Pavilion to greet fans last night.

But it turn up to be
a mess for the newspaper
photographer when the
organiser not allowed the photographer
to stand on or to near the red carpet,
where the place they provided was
small,with the little stage and
some sort of "important"
guest hangin' around
the red carpet.

As i was not there when the organiser
told this to my friend,
so,when i reached there,
they actually already stand around
the staircase and telling me stories..

We end up taking picture
like those 'fans' shouting around
hoping the casts can actually look
at us(the newspaper photographer)
instead of only looking on those
photo enthusiast
where the mc thought
the are the member of the media.
Please don't expect us
to give you
a better picture
as the organiser was



Anonymous said...

boycott lar...

fl said...

aku kat kl ler ari tu.....