Sunday, 13 July 2008

Ocean Glow.

I was reading a travel magazine,
when i saw this nice place,
Ocean Glow which is located
the main port of the
smallest state in Malaysia.
I sms-ed a friend,asking her why she
didn't tell me there was such a nice place
at Kuala Perlis.
Huh!She didn't even know there was
such place at Kuala Perlis..

Then so told me she will
go find out and let me know...
And she means it...
she managed to get me some
picture with her handphone..
which i think it should be a nice place to
see sunset.

Is time for me to take a rest .....
and enjoy Malaysia.

P/S:Thanks for the pic.


淑仪的部落 said...

Can I join you for the trip ?

fl said...

tp ko bkn pegi jln2 kat MAS wor....

selamat bercuti ya:)

Anonymous said...

Nice place....