Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Whales should be shot with Canons, not harpoons.

Why use a harpoon... when you can use a Canon?
This tittle actually attract me to
look in to this website..
This might be a out-dated
but guess what,
i just knew it...
Although i am a
Canon user,
I can do nothing but
to joined them by
sending the letter...
So,what are you waiting for...
(you don't need to actually
write yourself..Just fill in your name and your
email add)

More than 138,000 people have joined our campaign to have Canon live up to its reputation as a defender of wildlife by condemning the Japanese "lethal whale research program." Add your voice by sending the letter now.

Canon Can Save Whales!

Creative Commons image by Commerciante di Maiali submitted to the Canon Exposed photo competition.


coicoi said...

thanks for the comment and the visit! nice shots! :)

molly said...

Hi thanks for visiting my blog.
You have a brave blog ya! :):)

Anonymous said...

i just did...good job