Wednesday, 9 July 2008

The so-called 'security personnel' of PKR

‘Inexperienced’ security personnel.
Incident happen last Sunday,at anti-fuel hike rally.
The press was not having the smoothest of times,
as highlighted by an unsavoury incident for a photographer for a French press agency.He was allegedly kicked as security personnel comprising PKR Youth members tried to remove him from the VIP booth. The photographer, who does not speak any local language, told other reporters about the incident.
There were more run-ins between security personnel and photographers during the Carburetor Dung fracas.
PKR officials had to apologise profusely to a group of local photographers who were
manhandled by the security personnel during the melee.
“They are inexperienced and we apologise,” a Protes spokesperson told a large group of irate photographers after the incident.
Protes announced last night they would conduct a “post-mortem” on the incident.
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