Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Be Strong......

Every survivor feels a great burden and restlessness because they continue to live although their loved one died. And, it is not rare that this feeling turns to unwarranted guilt.
The truth is, many people continue to blame themselves for even the smallest things they did or did not do immediately before the death of their loved one.
However, the reasons are almost always subjective.

Surely, if they really had been wrong, they would be receiving a just punishment from society. They are thinking too little about that person and too much about their own failure.
Only unless you live like a saint can you live without regrets.

Please, do not blame yourself.

You must not make others go through this sorrow.
As long as there is someone who will be saddened by your death,
Do not even consider taking your own life -
it may let you escape from the sorrow you are feeling now,
But it will bring the burden upon someone new who loves you.
Life does not belong just to you.

Your loved one must have wanted you to live the happiest life you could ever live...

Perhaps your loved one is at peace now,Closer to God and angels.


The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit-Psalm 34:18


狼人 said...

good... tis is the way it should be...

狼人 said...

good la b... it is the way it should b...

wasleepbetter said...

hello! how many days lu want to "be strong"? lu post this at 30 december, now already 10 Jan 2009!!!