Saturday, 27 December 2008

Review Comparehotel.com.my

Never in my mind will write a review in my blog,
as i am not good at it.But if making this review,canchange
some children future,
i don't mind trying.
I hope i am doing good on it.

I believe nowadays many loves travelling,and always looking for some comfortable but cheap hotel.Surfing through google is always what we do but, now
Comparehotel.com.my- is a unique free tool that searches multiple hotel reservation websites simultaneously to help you find the lowest rate instantly. We eliminate the need to search major websites one by one in order to compare prices and availability.

What surprise me are Comparehotel.com.my
was not like some other search engine
where you need to book the
hotel on the spot to get a special
discount on the hotel rates.
Comparehotel.com.my is a FREE tool.
They do not markup rates or add any booking fees.


For those bloggers friend out there,
for each sponsor reviews,
Comparehotel.com.my will donate
Don't you think there are just too smart in a way to promote the website through bloggers,but i don't mind doing it as it was a charity cause.

So,bloggers friend out there,
do something good,
help a child today,
you can make a difference.
Am i a bit commercial??

Anyway,i already add it in my
favourite so that next time i won't waste my time go search and search and search...Just a click to Comparehotel.com.my
I think at least it solved the problem
of the most important
part of travelling.

P/S: I personally thought it was from the Now Everyone Can Fly company...Don't you think there were alike????


Anonymous said...

so kind of u...

molly said...

Hey, good job!

wa... said...

can't believe it...