Wednesday, 10 December 2008


Giving out name card is actually a normal thing to do
especially in this line i am working at..
Often when we went for assignment,the pr company always like to
request name card from us....
Some of course for the purpose of lucky draw(haha)

And sometime we also gave out to some newcomer from the
media line.Few month back,i remember getting a name card from
a well known Chinese newspaper reporter.
As it was the 1st time i meet her,she gave me her name card...
To my surprise her name card stated "reporter(Fukan)",
wonder what is 'fukan'?
It was actually means feature,that girl was under feature desk.

I don't mean to be rude,but why can't they just write
Feature desk instead of "fukan" which actually can let other people
who receive that name card will think that their English was terrible.



Anonymous said...

Fukan.. confuse people..!!

sleepbetter said...

wei...this is a "long long time ago" story liao, yur best friend told wa this story many many years ago, he didn't tell lu meh?

that time when wa heard this story, wa laughed like cow.

huey mei said...

ma si i tell him this story lor....
bcos wa now oli free to show the world mah