Sunday, 7 December 2008

It was not the first,hope was the last....

It was not hurricane,it was not a typhoon as well.
It was a landslide,a terrible
landslide that happened at
Bukit Antarabangsa which claims 4 lives
and destroy almost 14 bungalows.

Guess many Malaysian will remember this place,
as 14 years ago the Highland Towers tragedy that took away
48 lives,or maybe 6 years ago a bungalow at Taman Hillview
killed 8 people.

When i heard a familiar ring tone near me,
i was still wondering is it my phone?
Still thinking am i that unlucky to have a case again???
As i sleep at 3am++ after finished a case at Puchong.

Dang.......Ya...It was my phone,when i heard my colleague

said that was a landslide at Bukit Antarabngsa,killed a lot people.
When i completely wake up,i was like Huh...630am,but why me???

When i reached Bukit Antarabangsa it was a messed...
There was a lot place where the police not allowed us to go.
But of course i can't tell my boss the police don't let me go in

and i got no pic...
Then i will end up losing my job.

So....Work smart...hahahaha.

Till now,the rescue operations still on going.
My condolences goes to those people who lost their family,
and everything they own in the tragedy.

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