Monday, 15 December 2008

Rainy Star Live Concert 2008

They said don't blame Janice Vidal
for the rain,
it was not her fault.
Because right after she thanks god for
not raining,
the rain comes.

Although it was a heavy rain in the afternoon,
Padang Timur Petaling Jaya
still pack with people at around 745pm.
i must said the singer must be grateful to those fans
who make the effort to be at the there
as the field was a bit flood and the mud are terrible...
I saw some people remove their shoes
to go in the field just to watch their idol...
Huh...round of applause to them,
becausei was them i might as well stay
at home watch live tele-cast.

Beside Janice,the concert’s top draws are Wakin Chow,
Vincy, Harlem Yu, Jam Hsiao,
Fan Wei Qi , Y2J, JJ Lin.
On the local front are Danny One,
Cheng Lee, Ming, Manhand and Desiree Tan.

Harlem was the unlucky one as he was last to perform,
where the rain drops come....
But he did make high the crowd despite the rain
and of course make wet the photographer.

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