Sunday, 3 August 2008

Li YuChun in Malaysia for MTV Asia Awards.

Oba's super idol,Li YuChun first appear here
in Malaysia for MTV Asia Award 2008.
In the same time MTV Asia Award
was also held here in Malaysia for the 1st time.
I don't know how would it be,
but i believe it would be a mess,
you know,the "Malaysian" way.

She grab the Favorite Artist of China.
Wonder how she felt being
favorite artist of
such a huge country,haha..

what actually surprise me was,
Nicholas Teo won favorite artist of Malaysia
which i thought the winner should be


zHen nI said...

yay! Nicholas won! =) hehe

Anonymous said...

Well, at least half of our Chinese love Li Yuchun....

lim said...

half of chinese love Li yuchun???is it possible??

Anonymous said...

wow..i love li yuchun

Anonymous said...

glad Li Yuchun won this award. She is a houshold name in China now. some ppl hate her for her overnight fame and tomboy look. but more and more ppl start to love her for her music and her unique pernality.

Anonymous said...

this award has proved that Li yuchun is really famous in china. I cant deny tat i love her too..
her voice is so unique and special!