Monday, 11 August 2008

Fuwa Fever.......

Fuwa,the mascots of
2008 Beijing Olympic Games,
which didn't appear in
the opening of the
Olympic Games.

There is a lot of
collectible items
released to makes
people actually spend money
to buy the limited edition
You name it,
coke(hahaha) and etc.....
You can used quite
a lot of money if you
really a Fuwa supporter.

As i was waiting for my reporter
and finding a place
to yam cha,
i saw this....


you don't have to go
China or buy online
for this Fuwa.
You can find it at
Desa Tun Razak...


hokkien said...

can do picture story lo? but far away lo...far as blue sauce.

6 sun said...

why u dun buy one for urself at that time

lim said...


fl said...

Happy Meal pun bleh dpt Fuwa mah:)

the donG said...

in the philippines, one big food chain (like mcdonalds) took the rights for those mascots.