Friday, 8 August 2008

Don't they have any better thing to do???

Anwar Ibrahim arrived at Jalan Duta court yesterday
morning to face the sodomy charge against him.
No handcuffs,no riots and no untoward incidents like
what had happened 10 years ago.
He arrives with his own car,accompanied by his family.

There were at least 50
journalists and photographers,
both foreign and local
waiting outside the court as early as 7am.

I wonder,beside Anwar Ibrahim,who can make this world
second largest courthouse pack with people.
And i wonder, who are they?don't they have a work to do???
Or their work is just to support Anwar Ibrahim?
Plainclothes policemen??

I don't mean to hurt anyone feeling,and i am not
stopping anyone to support Anwar Ibrahim,
but i am just hoping that 'those' people
don't make work harder for the media
as you all are hoping to see good news coverage
and picture in the newspaper the next day.

Oops...Did i mention that it was my day off yesterday,
so i am not one of the crowd.
Salute to all my friend who was covering this
'memorable' moment...
You guys had a tough day.

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lim said...

haha...their work is to make you work more colourful...