Monday, 25 August 2008


Lee Chong wei(L) accompany by his
coach Misbun Sidek.
Another Datuk??Why??
Just because he trained him
till he get the silver???
Or just because Lee Chong Wei
get the RM300,000 and the
title Datuk??

And we can't let the coach go
back empty handed,
then we have to gave it to
the coach a Datuk and
RM60,000 ?

You think this is reasonable???

' Lee Chong Wei's coach Misbun Sidek will be receiving RM60,000 cash as a reward from Youth and Sports Ministry for helping the country win a silver medal in the Beijing Olympics. Minister Datuk Ismail Sabri Yaakob, who announced this, also welcomed the Malacca state government's decision to honour Misbun with the Darjah Mulia Seri Melaka (DMSM) state award, which carries the title "Datuk".'



Hello. I am not familiar with the story but anyway, every country has its own issues to resolve.

-crash- said...

datukship and 3000 per month for LCW is a little over board already. and now.. sidek? 30k is not enough for silver? guess they are all lucky because of election.

i wonder how many million china athlets will get since they all bring home countless gold/silver/bronze.

i think the best job in malaysia now is sellin dvd and play badminton.

huey mei said...

yeah...agree with you...
if more Malaysian get a medal..
we bankrupt...

-crash- said...

underground bookies: latest news, first and second ballots counted...

turnout low but..

1st box 300++ vote... bn only have 8 vote
2nd box 800++ vote... bn only have 100++

huey mei said...

this is unbeliavable.....

atique i am said...

Oh come on guys. Don't wonder how many millions will China gave to their athletes. They already done so well, no need for the extra motivation. As for Malaysia, If thousands athletes all brought back a medal, of course government will stop the award and just say "Good job Malaysia" don't you think. Ouh this is so simple common sense.