Thursday, 7 August 2008

Jade Liu LiYang

Just finish this album called I Am Just What I Am
by 2nd runner up of
Super Voice Girl third season(2006),
Liu LiYang

I find it worth buying(of course i don't buy,
i have it free,haha)
If u like S.H.E then you will like
her music.
After all they come from the same record company,
HIM International Music.haha....

When everyone like the song
'Smiling Tears 'or 'Yan Lei Xiao Le'
and 'Legend 'or 'Chuan So '
where she duet with Yoga Lin,
i personally like 'What's Wrong With Loving You' or
'Wo Ai Ni You Shen Me Du Dui'.


荒凉。儒 said...

Who da fxck is this? Laki or prompuan? Or pondan?

jordanmcclements said...

I am running a poll at :-


Since you have a great photo blog, I would appreciate it if you could spare a minute to participate.


6 Sun said...

S.H.E is S.H.E....
Jade is Jade
Different style of them...